Bad Beat Jackpot

The only way to make a rapid killing in online poker is to win a bad beat jackpot. Yes you can win hundreds of thousands of dollars if you take a bad beat. But even if you are the one giving the bad beat, you also get a nice share of the bad beat jackpot. And the players sitting at the table also get a small cut, as well as all players playing the same limit at the time when the bad beat occurred. So why missing this chance to be a winner? Your steals from the button are nothing compared to the profit potential from a bad beat jackpot.

Current bad beat jackpots

The way it works is that some table are specifically labelled as 'bad beat jackpot' tables. At such tables a small amount is added to the rake at each hand, and it gets added to the jackpot in real time. This is how the jackpot never stops to increase as thousands of players sit at these tables. Other regular tables have a slightly smaller rake but do not participate in the jackpot.

There are conditions to qualify for the jackpot and any bad beat is not enough to win the bad beat jackpot. Sometimes players may get mad as they almost won it, except for a small constraint that they did not meet. For example at Carbon Poker, the loser must have Quads of sevens or stronger in order to qualify. So if you lose when your quad of sixes gets cracked by a straight flush, too bad for you as not only did you take an horrible bad beat, but you also missed the jackpot.

Another condition is that both the winning and the losing hand must include both their hole cards. This is to avoid situations like for example if there is a full house on the board and it leads to quad over quad. If the board comes JJJQQ, player A has J7 and player B has a pair of queen, then it looks like player A took a bad beat runner-runner quad. But in reality he was just lucky that the flop brought a set to give him a quand of jacks, so this is not considered to be a qualifying bad beat.

Additional conditions at Carbon Poker are that four players must be dealt in the hand. So if you love heads-up poker, then you will never win the bad beat jackpot. The hand must generate at least $0.50 so the lowest limits will not always qualify. Also note that if there are two players taking a bad beat at the same time, which can happen for example if two or three players have a straight flush, then only the two highest hands qualify. If this happens this is like a bad beat in a bad beat as the third highest hand will only get a small share of the jackpot compared to the second highest hand. - Copyright 2012 - poker books